Baroque ensemble LA CAPRICCIOSA

The instrumental ensemble LA CAPRICCIOSA has dedicated itself to the rediscovery and performance of music of the 17th and 18th centuries. Since 1997, the concertmaster of the Orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin, Mika Yonezawa, has organized concerts on historical instruments with colleagues and other guest artists. The core members of the ensemble, next to Mika Yonezawa, are Peter Wünnenberg(violin), Christoph Lamprecht (cello)und Lutz Kohl(harpsichord/organ). According to the requirements of the score, the ensemble may be enlarged by additional strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, a theorbist and a baroque harp. Since 2010 the ensemble has been performing under the name LA CAPRICCIOSA, to underscore its versatility and wide range of repertoire, which encompasses the instrumental and sacred music of the baroque era as well as cantatas, serenades, operas, and intermezzi.

The following list provides an example of some of the concertante performances, which in most cases were premieres in Berlin, presented by LA CAPRICCIOSA:

The Fairy Queen (Purcell)
Richard I., King of England (Händel/Telemann)
Polifemo (Bononcini)
Claudius und Der Hamburger Jahrmarkt (Keiser)
Elmenhorst Geistreiche Lieder (Franck und andere)
Damon und Miriways (Telemann)
Buffonet und Alga (Telemann/Huth)

* Core members
baroque violin  Mika Yonezawa, Peter Wünnenberg
baroque cello   Christoph Lamprecht
harpsichord   Lutz Kohl

* collaborators... (since 2010)
arrangementPeter Huth
baroque violinDaniela Braun
baroque violaFrolian Schulte
viola da gambaDietrich Knappe
lute/ baroque guitarThomas Ihlenfeldt
Ophira Zakai
baroque harpLoredana Gintoli
percussionFriedhelm Mai
trumpetMichael Stood
Matthias Kamps
sopranoJulia Giebel
Ariana Strahl
altoCaren van Oijen
tenorMatthias Siddhartha Otto
bassAdam Cioffari
directionSugao Tomo
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