Mika Yonezawa performs concerts in Europe and Asia as a soloist and chamber musician in different formations. She is the violinist of the artenius-trio, plays baroque violin, and is the assistant concertmaster of the Komische Oper Berlin, as well as a dedicated pedagogue.


08 PM

2. concert benz chamber music festival

artenius trio
Mika Yonezawa Vl.
Kleif Carnarius Vc.
Katia Tchemberdji Pf

L. v. Beethoven: piano trio op. 1 Nr. 1
Katia Tchemberdji: Ishi
Robert Schumann piano trio Nr. 1 op.63

Kirchestr. Benz-Usedom Germany

08 PM

3. Concert benz chamber music festival

- Benzer String Quartet -
Gabriel Adrian (1Vl)
Mika Yonezawa (2 Vl)
Kim Esther Rollof(Vla)
Kleif Carnarius(Vc)

Robert Schumann: string quartet op. 41, Nr. 2 F-major
Claudia Debussy: string quartet op.10 G-minor

Kirchestr. Benz-Usedom Germany